K-WALK 2011


K-walk is a fashion event which celebrates 10 years of existence of Kreyann'. The show will be held on November 04, 2011 in Douala in a place specially designed for the occasion : K-Walk place.

The first part of the event will be a showcase of the latest collections by Kreyann', orchestrated by the largest producer of fashion shows in Africa, the Namibian JAN MALAN, for the pleasure of 1000 handpicked VIP guests. The show will be opened by an international renowned artist ( the name will be communicated at the launch o fthe K-Walk communication campain ).

An after party will take place after the parade, for 300 VIP guests. An international guest star will perform surronded by two other talented artits.

By contracting services only from the best providers in each area of the organization of a fashin show ( prodcution, modeling, sounds and images ) K-Walk has the ambition to produce a show a international standards quality.

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